Monday, November 29, 2010

Making Holiday Memories

As a part of the MOM's Club that I am in, I organize the monthly Kids Day Out and Family Night Out. This month was Kids Day Out, I decide that we would go to Iron's Farm to make Gingerbread houses. I loved the idea that they provided everything we need to make the gingerbread houses and even helped the kids decorate! An added less mess for me to clean up! Now, I know this is probably not our only house we will make this holiday season, but it helped the group get into the holiday spirit and the boys had a great time with their friends!

Here is a little glimpse of the fun...
And you would know that my little munchkins ate probably half of the "decorations" before we even got started! Gotta love them!

Now we are officially in the holiday spirit or at least for me. Holden on the other hand, is just waiting for the 25 Days of Christmas fun to begin on Wednesday!

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the8gibsons said...

Thanks for the invite! It was fun- even though Sable wouldn't leave my hip :) Love the picture of you and the boys!!