Thursday, November 18, 2010

Rylan the little artist

Lately Rylan has come home with the cutest art projects from preschool. Now, I know he has "help" completing his masterpieces but these are memory book keepers!

First his Turkey hand print....really how cute is this. I have a similar one of Holden's hand at this age that was made into a tile but this one I just had to frame!
With Thanksgiving right around the corner, they stamped out train cars and then were asked what they were thankful for. I had a hard time getting a picture of the entire train, since Rylan loves to paint and also, he is thankful for so much, his train was extra long! In case you can not see, he is thankful for, it says Church, School, Trains, Miss Adele (she is funny), Animals, Candy, Boots, Holden, Daddy, Mommy, God! So sweet. I can actually hear him saying some of them, especially about Miss Adele. Rylan is a character and I am so glad that he is showing his true personality at school and is having a great time while he is there. Can't wait to see his next creations from school, my little Picasso!

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