Friday, December 17, 2010

Christmas Parties...times TWO!!

After our unexpected snow day, preschool was back in session today. Just in time for the boys Christmas parties. I forgot to take a picture of the goodies we made for their teachers and teachers but here is a picture of the bag all put together. Here is a rundown of our back-to-back Christmas parties! Holden's party began first with their Christmas pageant. The kids made all of their props for their version of the Christmas story. Holden was a candle! Here is a snip it of the songs they sang...

Aren't those the sweetest voices!

And what would a party be with out food! Check out this spread of yummy treats! Holden was giddy to say the least!
Here is just one of the many creations Holden made for us. I just love the poem!
This Christmas Angel is special you see,
Because it is a part of me!
The wings are my hands,
The body my feet!
With each passing Christmas,
It will always look sweet!

Kevin was able to attend the morning parties, which helped me out a ton!! Even though I like having both parties on the same day, I feel torn and rushed between the two but having Kevin there, we were able to swap in the middle of each party. Hence, we could attend both!

Rylan's party began with his class shaking their jungle bells down the hall. Look at how excited he is! My little ham! Then it was time to party! Again look at the spread....but look closely at how creative all the moms are, make your own Christmas cut out sandwiches, crackers with star cheese, polar bear cookies, reindeer cookies, and my cupcakes! Holden could not decide which ones he wanted me to make so, I made both! Ornament cupcakes and Rudolph cupcakes. Here is a closer look at the ornaments, and the Rudolph cupcakes.
Rylan played games, made a cute pine cone ornament dipped in glue and then topped it with his all time favorite...glitter (Rylan LOVES glitter, so much that it is hidden in our house and only used under parental supervision!), and a book exchange. As a take home gift, an ornament for our Charlie Brown tree. I love the picture of Rylan! Adorable!! He loved it too, he kept kissing his picture!
Another set of fun parties and sweet memories!

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The Gibson Family said...

Absolutely adorable! Love everything about both parties! Such great pictures! Glad you were able to capture moments from both :)