Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Christmas Traditions

Over the past couple of years our countdown to Christmas has become bigger and bigger. Probably due to the fact that the boys are getting older and that they love activities. Today, being December 1, was the beginning of this years countdown. First, the boys woke up to a surprise in the mailbox, what a way to start the day! After school it was time to see what our activity was going to be.... We made foam Christmas ornaments and keepsake hand print ornaments. Once they dry, and I add a ribbon, I will post how cute they look on the tree. Not only do we have our countdown, Holden was sent home with a countdown project from school too. Each day we break one of the chain links off until it is Jesus' birthday. It is a cute idea and he was excited about making paper chains that he can actually break. And one last fun way to countdown to Christmas, I wrapped Christmas books, puzzles, and movies, so that each night they can unwrap a surprise. We did this last year and they LOVED it!!! Best part, everything is something we already owned, with the exception of one book. Seriously look at how excited they are to pick out a surprise.
Even though this time of year is always so busy, I love the fact that the boys get so excited to see what new project, activity or book they have in store. It is worth all the planning, I know I will treasure these memories forever.

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