Friday, December 17, 2010

Double Dose (another snow day)

Yesterday was yet another snow day! I think we received another 5 or 6 inches of snow. Crazy to think, the official first day of winter is still a couple of days away. My thoughts are winter has arrived and is here to stay for awhile!

We spent most of the morning in our pajamas cooking, playing, and trying our best to keep warm! However, we did manage to make one cute craft, frozen wreaths! Perfect for us these days. First, the boys placed their choice of cranberries, limes, oranges, and rosemary in the bottom of a container, then we poured water over the boys creations, and placed in the freezer. After they were completely frozen, we tied a ribbon around and voila...a frozen wreath! And by now you should know that Holden and Rylan are not about to let a snow day go by without playing in this reoccurring winter wonderland. So here they are having some snowy fun!

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Amy said...

That ornament is GEORGEOUS!!! What an awesome idea!