Friday, December 3, 2010

A Down Home Parade

Tonight was our local Christmas parade and Kevin's annual work Christmas party, employees only. Since Kevin was not going to be at home, I packed up the boys and off we went for some holiday fun. We missed this parade last year, so I did not know what to expect. There were carolers, ice sculpting, I love this picture! Holden and Rylan's faces watching the ice sculpting. Too funny these two!! A nativity petting farm, A cute little parade, Singing and story time at the library. Each child was given bells for their shoes as they walked into the library. Rylan just loved them. He loved them so much that he kept asking for more, and more, and more! We ended up with two pockets full of bells. Carriage Rides-Rylan's favorite! He kept saying, "One more horsie ride!" "Again" Again!!", tractor train rides-another favorite of both boys, Holden wrote a Christmas card for our troops, pictures with Santa & the Grinch.If you are wondering where Rylan is this whole time, he said, "NOOOOOOO!!" He does NOT like Santa! Hence that is why there no pictures. Instead, he was attached to my hip! Hot Chocolate, cookies, and so much more!! It was bitterly cold, but we had a blast! It definitely exceeded all my expectations! On a side note, the area we live in is fairly large, however, it has a down home feel to it, and something I am growing to love. They really know how to organize great events for the entire family to enjoy! This was such a sweet, fun and family friendly parade for us and a definite for next year.

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The Gibson Family said...

Looks like so much fun! We talk about going every year, but we always have something on that night! Glad you braved the elements and got out- looks like they had a great time!