Monday, December 20, 2010

Introducing the newest Bengals fan...

When we first moved here, Holden became fascinated by the Bengals football team. Mainly because of the color, you know orange is his favorite, and secondly, because it seems like everyone here is a fan. They have stickers, magnets, decals, you name it, it is plastered on their cars and talk about team spirit, everyone has a jersey, shirt, cap, pants you name, people are wearing it! Crazy, I tell you! Slowly, over the past year Holden has become a fan. He started asking me to record the games so he could watch them, then he started asking to go to a game. One night at bedtime last week, Holden said, "Daddy, when are you going to take me to a Bengals game?" That night, Kevin check the schedule and realized that the last home game they could attend was on the upcoming Sunday. Kevin asked around and searched for tickets all week. Finally, he was able to snag 2 Club level seats for the two of them on Craigslist. Holden was beyond excited when we told him that he was going to the game on Sunday. If you could have only seen his face! Even at church on Sunday, his Sunday school teacher told us that she was so excited he was getting to go to the game. She said he had a grin from ear to ear all morning!
Now, Rylan was not too happy he was not going. He screamed and cried and screamed and cried!
Next time, we will all have to go to a game but this was a last minute idea.
After I layered and bundled Holden with warm clothes, they set off they to the big game!
Kevin said Holden was grinning the entire drive down to the stadium! Once they were there, they watched the team practice, shoot off fireworks, and yes, watched the much anticipated big game. Kevin said he sat and watched the ENTIRE game not once complaining of the cold or wanting to leave. He was even up cheering and chanting "Go Bengal, Go Bengals" Did I mention the temperature were in the 20's? And the newest fan must have brought some luck to the Bengals.... they WON!! HA! They have not won a game since September!
Once they were back in the car, Holden called to tell me all about the game and how much fun he had. When I asked what was his favorite part, he replied, "Everything!"
It reminds me of the George Strait song "Best Day" chorus:
"Dad, this could be the best day of my life.
I've been dreamin' day and night about the fun we'll have.
Just me and you doin' what I've always wanted to.
I'm the luckiest boy alive,
This is the best day of my life."
I am so glad they were able to have this first football game experience together. As Kevin said, the game with Holden and his excitement was well worth the money!!

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The Gibson Family said...

LOVE it! So glad they had such a fun afternoon!!! I'm sure great memories were made :)