Monday, December 13, 2010

Just another reason to love Prasco Park!!!

It seems that our weekends have been so busy lately with birthday parties, holiday functions and so on. I wanted to surprise Holden with a little outing while Rylan was napping. And what did I surprise him with? Ice Skating at Prasco Park!! If you remember, this is the baseball park we went to over the summer that has free admission, free ice cream, and blow-ups. Saturday they had a Holiday Family Day, where they had free ice skating, free skates, hot chocolate, music, a photo booth, and Santa. What more could you ask for!! Holden was so excited when we arrived and he saw ice skating! He has not been ice skating before, but has asked several times to go, I was hoping he would not get frustrated if he did not get the hang of skating and keep trying. But again, Prasco Park has the best events, they had volunteers helping the kids skate!! As soon as Holden got the hang of ice skating, he was off and having a blast! There were a couple of falls but he got right back up and kept trying. I was shocked at how quickly he got the hang of it! He loved it so much that he did not want to leave! We enjoyed some hot chocolate and fun in the photo booth. As we were leaving Holden received a children's bible and a cd. What a perfect date for the two of us! I see another ice skating trip in the near future.

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The Gibson Family said...

Looks like so much fun! Perfect weather for it!!!