Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Let's pack them up!

We had planned, or rather in our countdown to Christmas I had planned, to go see the lights at the Zoo tonight. However, with the chance of more snow and blistering temperatures I decided it was not the best idea! Instead, we did our weekly trip around the neighborhoods to see the lights. It may sound so simple and boring but the boys love it. We get ready for bed, gather our blankets, popcorn and loveys. Then go out to look at lights. If you could hear how excited Rylan gets when he sees a yard full of lights, you would understand that this simple outing is well worth the time. We have some favorite houses, but by far the boys love the houses that you can tune to a radio station and the lights dance to the music! I am sure this one house in particular may end up calling the police for the amount of time I have parked in front of it! Yes, we are Christmas lights stalkers! I am sure the Zoo lights are probably much prettier and more grand but this simple Christmas outing was perfect alternative for us tonight!

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