Thursday, December 16, 2010

Look who's calling!!!!

Look who is calling the boys...

Yes, Jolly Old Saint Nick from the North Pole!! There is nothing like seeing the boys faces when they answered the phone and Santa was talking just to them! Oh, I just love the innocence and excitement! Both were talking about it ALL night and especially today, when Santa made another phone call to let them know it was snowing at the North Pole too. I think he is "scheduled" to call each day until Christmas! Just to keep the excitement going until Christmas Eve when he makes his special visit.


Amy said...

Oooh.. have you sent them a video message from this site:
My girls loved it.
I especially love how you can have Santa highlight something they haven't been especially good at this year. Caroline's face about fell to the floor when he brought up her resistance to trying new foods at dinner time.

Elizabeth said...

Thanks for the link Amy! I will have to send a message too, the boys will die! Hmm, I wonder what he should say...Thanks!!