Monday, December 20, 2010

More Holiday Treats...

We have been busy making all kinds of treats to celebrate the Christmas season. Here are just a couple of fun and easy ones the boys indulged in!!

Santa sleighs! These are so simple, just a graham cracker, icing, mini candy canes, a fruit roll-up or licorice, and sprinkles. A perfect treat for a cold and dreary day! A little bit of tasting never hurt anyone! Bottoms up:) Do not worry, Holden and Rylan each have their own sprinkle container just for this reason! And I have a separate one for treats that I make!

Star cookie trees!! After making star cookie cutouts, I let the boys assemble and decorate their trees any way they wished. I really expected both of them to eat their creations after they were complete, but Holden told me, "It's too beautiful to eat" Instead, their little trees are on display on our cake stand. I guess he is right they are awfully, cute!

And lastly, a family favorite...chocolate covered pretzels! But these would not be complete without sprinkles too!
I have tons of pictures of treats and crafts we have done over the past week, it is just finding the time to post them all!

Well, hopefully, I will get to it soon! But if not, we are making great memories this holiday season, even if it takes me twice as long to clean up our messes as it does to create them each day! Happy Holidays!


Lauren Allen said...

You think your kids like candy?! ha! TOO CUTE! Merry Christmas!!!!!

Amy said...

That picture of Rylan drinking the sprinkles is hysterical.