Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Our Charlie Brown Tree

Yesterday morning, we decorated our tree from the Christmas tree farm, better known as our Charlie Brown tree. The boys hung all the ornaments they had made over the years and then ours that we made last week. One of our projects was to string popcorn and cranberries, which both boys did a great job, until it was time to hang them on the tree. Rylan started eating all the popcorn off. Yikes!!! Not sure he understands that it is a decoration and not a snack! We will see how long this last. Just look at these two, they are up to no good!!! And here are some of my very favorite keepsakes, Holden as an angel, but look closely, he has the patch on his eye... Yes, that was the year he had stitches, bronchitis and tubes all in the same week. Here is another one, but look closely again, his jacket is one button off...it makes me laugh every year!!
And baby Jesus...
If you are wondering how the hand prints turned out, just take a look....perfect I know! However, I put both on the big tree...shhhh!

Finally, the finished tree! Isn't it the most beautiful tree in the entire world, well we think so! Especially with the antler headband as the topper, Holden's idea! A true Charlie Brown Tree!

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