Monday, December 6, 2010

Picture Perfect Christmas Tree Farm

What says Christmas more than cutting your own tree at a Christmas tree farm. What about a blanket of snow on those trees? Doesn't that just scream Merry Christmas!! Sunday we visited Big Tree Plantation Christmas Tree farm and it was picturesque! The pictures do not do it justice, it was like a scene from a movie. They had reindeer, other animals, actual real Christmas wreaths being made, the cutest Christmas store, free hot chocolate, horse and carriage rides, a visit from Jolly Old St. Nick, Troops supporting the Trees for Troops campaign, and how could I forget the trees!

We told the boys they could pick out any tree they wanted. And off they went, in search for the perfect tree! After searching, what seemed like forever with the snow beginning to fall again, Holden found the perfect one! Holden assisted cutting his perfect tree down and just look at him pulling it back to be bound, he was so proud!
Kevin and I both knew this tree was tiny but did not realize how tiny until we were ready to leave. Yep, you may have guessed, we are now the proud owners of a Charlie Brown Christmas tree. Holden insisted that we tie it to the roof, just like everyone else. Kevin on the other hand was hemming and hawing, telling me he thought the poor thing would fly off. So after and attempt to tie this jewel down we decided it would be best to put it in the trunk, and yes the little thing fit. See I told you it was small, but did I mention it was crooked too? Yes, a jewel!!

Again this tree is just for ornaments that the boys have either made in preschool, church or at home over the years. Then some new crafts that we have made over the past week. Just wait until you see the most beautiful tree in the world, pictures to come soon!!!

I am in love with Big Tree Plantation. This is most defiantly a new Family Christmas tradition for us to enjoy year after year.

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Amy said...

Oh my gosh, that place looks amazing.
It definitely looks like a picturesque afternoon for your family. So cute!