Monday, December 6, 2010

Winter Wonderland

Over the weekend, we woke to a winter wonderland! As you could imagine, the boys went crazy! They could not get outside fast enough. Once outside, there were snow ball fights, snow angels, an little bit of sledding and yes, alot of playing!! Really, they played and played and played. While the boys were playing I had Kevin putting up the Christmas lights....just like Clark Griswold! He did inform me that he would not go up on the ladder, to put the wreaths on the windows until the snow had stopped. What a Scrooge! But at least we have some lights up.

And ALOT has changed in just a couple of months, Rylan now loves the snow. I caught him several times eating the snow, he just could not get enough! But when we had to go in to warm up, Rylan screamed and yelled and screamed some more. It looks like he will have some fun playing in the snow this winter. I think this officially means that winter has begun for us here!

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