Saturday, January 1, 2011

Boys will be boys!

There is just something about having boys, there are always accidents! I think they just go hand and hand! The latest causality happened on Wednesday night. Holden and Rylan were suppose to be cleaning up all the books they pulled out to look at in Holden's room when all of a sudden I hear a loud scream and crying. Immediately I drop the Pyrex pan of chicken all over the oven, yet another mess, and race upstairs to see what happened. Holden decide to give me the play by play of the accident! Apparently, Rylan jumped off of Holden's bed, something he does often, and must have landed wrong on his foot. He cried for a bit but then wanted to eat dinner. He seemed fine at bath time and went to bed fine also. Then, at about 10:30 he woke up crying and it was downhill from there...he was up all night crying and repeating "Foot hurt, foot hurt." Once our doctors office was open, we went for a check up and just as I suspected they sent us for an x-ray. The results thankfully were just a sprain! Look at Rylan's poor little foot,doesn't it look pitiful! But that has not stopped this little munchkin from running around and having fun! I guess it is true, boys will be boys! I think I just need to brace myself for more accidents to come with these two little monkeys!

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Lauren Allen said...

poor baby!!hope he heals up quick!:)