Saturday, January 8, 2011

The Season Opener

After weeks of practicing and a couple of scrimmages, the season opener for the Mountaineers had finally arrived! I think I was just as excited as Holden. After a quick warm-up, a couple of stretches, it was time to announce the teams. Upward has a cute way of announcing each player before games. They turn off all the lights, play loud music, turn on the smoke machine, and then over the loud speaker announce each child to run under the streamers to center court. It is really so cute, the kids get such a kick out of it. And did I mention, the kids get to pick out a nickname to be announced with their real name? For example, Holden was announced as "Holden "The Batman" Port". Yes, he picked it! But really how often do you get to pick out your very own nickname, so Batman it is!

After a quick prayer, it was time to get the game started! Each game is divide into six 4 minute quarters. With 10 players, each player gets to play 3 quarters, which works out great. As I said before, this was Holden's first experience with basketball. I expected him to be a little timid and nervous but little did I know his objective was to get the basketball! And he did! Aggressive little sucker!!!

He dribbled and finally had a chance to shoot and.....SCORED!!!! Can you believe it, he made a basket! We went crazy!!! (literally) And little mister did too! What a great memory for his first game!!

I have decided that 5 year olds playing basketball, has got to be one of the cutest scenes ever! We laughed, cheered, and laughed some more. I have a feeling this basketball season will bring us great memories with plenty laughs just wait and see!


The Gibson Family said...

Absolutely precious!!! So proud of him- what a star!!!

Leroy said...

Great Shots !! "Batman" Port with the basketball and Liz with the camera. Thanks so much for sharing these wonderful times with all of us.