Friday, January 7, 2011

Rylan's first chapel!

Every Thursday Holden attends chapel at preschool. Families are invited to come and participate each week, and week after week I am there. Not just because he looks for me in the audience but I enjoy seeing him sing, dance and learn new bible stories. Half the time I end up learning something new too!
Rylan also attends school on Thursday but his class has not participate in chapel for obvious reasons...they are TWO!! Until today!!

I knew Rylan would love it. Miss Marsha does such a fabulous job teaching the kids praise songs, bible words, sign language, and bible lessons geared to their age. What is there not to love! Now, I did not want Rylan to see me since I was not sure if he would cry or try to run over to me. With that said, I sat a couple of rows back. But I captured some of the sweetest pictures! I love how Holden is looking for Rylan's class to come into chapel and then when Rylan notices Holden is sitting across the room. Priceless!!!
And I love how Rylan is looking up to see how big the chapel room is. It must feel huge when you are little!Uh Oh!!! Then he sees Momma....
No tears but he did look back every two seconds to make sure I was still there! Thankfully, it did not stop Rylan from listening and dancing...which is the sole purpose of chapel.I am anxious to see how he does next week. My guess, my baby is becoming a big boy and will do just fine!

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