Thursday, January 20, 2011

Slime and a little bit of magic

Each day while Rylan naps, Holden and I try to do something together, just the two of us. Anything from reading, drawing, playing "guys", crafts, and little science experiments. Lately, slime/quicksand has been a daily request. He could play for hours in this stuff. We decided to include Rylan and see if he would like playing with this messy mixture. I am sure you can guess, it was a hit with him as well. Can you believe that a simple mixture of cornstarch and water would be a favorite form of entertainment for these little guys!

Since the boys love experiments, I knew they would love this magic trick I came across the other day. First you fill four cups with water and set aside. Place one drop of food coloring on four spoons and then cover with baking soda. Say, "Abracadabra turn this water to blue." Stir the spoon in the water and voila! The water turns to BLUE! WOW, Momma knows magic!!! This trick was a HUGE hit! So much that we went through 2 boxes of baking soda doing this trick. Now in order to do this trick over and over, I had to be a little sneaky and hide the food coloring behind the cookbook stand to discreetly place a drop on the spoons. Why? Because I did want him to figure out my secret! A little difficult but it was so worth the look of shock on Holden's face each time I did the trick.

It is true the simplest things are often the most fun!!

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Lauren Allen said...

FUN! I will have to try that one!!:)