Sunday, February 20, 2011

A busy couple of days....

It has been one of those weeks where everything just seems to happen all in the same week. Including a visit from Grammy and Dad-daddy (Kevin's parents). The boys were so excited for their arrival on Wednesday. Here is a recap of their visit. As soon as they arrived, Holden had to show them how he can play basketball over at our neighborhood park.Rylan wanted in on the action too and thankfully Dad-Daddy was willing to help him out. Even though Rylan thought his head needed a little cleaning and spit on him and then proceeded to rubbed it in with his hand several times! I guess he was just trying to make a wish! Yes, Rylan is our little jokester. I think the grandparents brought the warmer weather with them too. It was so nice out that there was plenty of play time on the play set. Friday, Kevin took off work and the boys missed school so that we could go to the Newport Aquarium. It is located on the river in Newport, Kentucky. It was our first time and we were not disappointed except that the penguins exhibit was being renovated. They are usually a big hit with Holden and Rylan but instead they enjoyed seeing the jelly fish and the ever so famous Nemo fish, feeding the parrots, seeing the sharks and even getting the chance to touch the baby sharks.It was fun for us all.

Early Saturday morning we had a basketball game that Grammy & Dad-daddy thoroughly enjoyed! I do not think I have heard them laugh so much in my life! I am so glad they were able to see Holden in action. It really is a site to see!

After the basketball game we took advantage of weather and played outside. Holden decided it was finally time to take off his training wheels and give riding with two wheels a try. We took them off last fall but then ended up putting them back on after several nights of Holden waking up from a nightmare crying that he was falling off his bike. However, Saturday he was determined to ride without training wheels. He did great! I think after another day of practicing he will completely "get it".
Saturday night Kevin and I escaped for a date of our own. This time we went to dinner in an area called Mt. Adams. I loved the area! There were several old buildings and houses that have been restored and now are shops, restaurants, bars and clubs. It was very eclectic and so much fun! And nestled in the middle of all this was a beautiful church called Immaculata, "The Church of the Steps" where you can see the night skyline. WOW, was it was beautiful!
Even though this week was a busy one, we had a great time with Grammy and Dad-Daddy. I know the boys are already planning for their next visit!

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