Tuesday, February 1, 2011

It's February...already!

Is it really February already? Well, that means it is time to start our countdown to Valentine's Day and especially our treat mailboxes! When the boys woke up this morning I had few surprises to help kick start our activities! First, their cute little mailboxes were filled with love notes and treats. Yes, two of their favorite things in the entire world...chocolate and tattoos. Instead of having the usually breakfast, the boys made their own mini donuts. I received a mini donut maker for Christmas and had not used it yet until today. I cooked the donuts but then let Holden and Rylan decorate their own with glaze, sprinkles and such. Just another "sweet" way to start our upcoming days of love.
Rylan went a little overboard on the sprinkles but that is the way he likes it!After breakfast we were surprised again...with a snow day! Yes, another one! I would not mind it so much if we could go out and play in the snow, but today it was mainly ice and the snow should move in later this evening. Usually on Tuesday's Rylan has gymnastics while Holden is at school but again, all were cancelled! In other words, we were home bound. I knew if I did not do something we would get a little stir crazy. So as the boys played, I snuck off and set up a special lunch and movie. Really, what is better than a movie on a snow day! And what do you think we watched? Frosty! I know I am a little off with my holidays but it worked perfect on this icy/snowy day.
I could not think of a better way to kick off our countdown to Valentine's Day, a day full of treats and surprises!

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