Saturday, February 12, 2011

Old School

Sometimes in my mind I think certain things are a great idea but in fact they really are not. Saturday, I had bright idea to take the kids roller skating. Remember in December, Holden and I went ice skating and he loved it. Hence, why I thought roller skating would be a great idea. Wrong again.
First, we got everyone all laced up and ready to go. Both boys were thrilled to go try out skating until they stood up and fell. Rylan was fine and still wanted to go out and give it a shot but Holden on the other hand was getting more frustrated by the second. Finally, he agreed to let me help him until he got the hang of it. Finally after a couple of times around the rink and holding a death grip on me. He started to get it and all was happy again. However, he was still not exactly having the "fun" time I had expected. Kevin on the other hand, decided he was back in high school and was skating around the rink like crazy and get this, trying to do tricks. I was just praying the entire time for this little outing not to end up at the hospital. Thankfully, the old man did not injure himself or any one else for that matter, in his attempt to show out! I know the boys and I got a great laugh watching Kevin relive his golden years!
Even though our roller skating outing got off to a rough start and was not exactly the fun I had envisioned it to be. We did end up having a good time. I just think perhaps I need to look into buying some training skates before our next excursion to the skating rink!

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