Thursday, February 10, 2011

Our very own Pizzeria

Holden and Rylan both love Curious George on PBS. Well, the other day George was making pizza in a pizzeria and Holden asked if we could do the same. As in make the dough, sauce, cheese and so on. I agreed and thought it would be alot of fun for them to make it all on their own.

After I made the dough, I let the boys take over. First they rolled, and rolled, and then like at every pizzeria, they had the throw it up in the air.Thankfully, it did not land on the floor! They spread the sauce, sprinkled the cheese and added some pepperoni. After it baked, it was time for the true test...tasting their creation. Verdict......YUMMY! They ended up eating the entire pizza! Maybe I have two little chefs on my hands after all.

Since Kevin is out of town, I promised the boys we would have game night after dinner. They received several new games for Christmas that have become new favorites like Red Rover, Pirate Pop-up, and Ants in the Pants. Rylan is so funny playing Ants in the Pants, every time he gets an ant in. he stands up and says, "I did it, I did it. Oh yeah, Oh yeah", and then he high fives us. It is just so funny! I think this is he new favorite game.

What perfect way to spend a cold Thursday night with pizza, game night and my two little chefs!

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nicole said...

Too cute! I love the pictures of the boys throwing the pizza dough in the air!