Thursday, February 10, 2011

Three visits in one day!

Today, it felt like Christmas. We had 2 visits from UPS and one from the US mail. Which delivered 5 boxes of surprises! First was a package from my Memaw, oranges and grapefruit from Texas! We were thrilled! Ever since we moved here, I have constantly complained about the grocery stores and in particular the produce so to have fresh fruit delivered today just made our day! Then my Aunt Becky sent me a surprise from Barnes and Noble....the Bakerella cookbook! I have been an avid follower of her site for a couple of years and just love all over her ideas. Holden has already informed me of what he would like for me to make first. But just look at these cute conversation hearts for Valentine's Day, sports, and yes, barnyard animals!Oh all of the possibilities! I can not wait to try these out! And last but not least several packages of surprises and decorations for the boys. This Valentine's Day is starting to look alot like Christmas! We were beyond thrilled with all of our surprises today, nothing like making this bitterly cold day a little bit more fun.

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