Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Random Tuesday....

Day 2 of Spring Break was somewhat of a random day. We set off on an adventure. or at least that is what Holden likes to call it, to the Boonshoft Museum in Dayton. We actually went last Spring Break and have not been back since and do not really know why. The boys LOVE this place! (This picture cracks me up! Holden is trying his best to get the rocks and fill the dump truck while Rylan is throwing them out one by one without him noticing!) We arrived when they opened the museum at 9:00 and did not leave until 1:30! What I also like most about this particular museum is that you can actually pack your own lunch and eat inside the museum. Which to my kids it just means you get to stay longer and play! After a morning of fun Rylan was wiped out! He was asleep before I even made it out of the parking lot. I guess he had a great time! We we finally arrived home it was 2:00! Geez!!! It was time to start preparing dinner since we had soccer practice at 6:30. Holden had another plan, he wanted to make a recycled robot. Where this came from, I do not know! He started talking about it last night at dinner and I promised we would make it today. Well, he did not forget that promise. I was about to tell him we just did not have time but then I remember hearing Trace Atkins' song on the way home, "You're gonna miss this" and I reminded myself to stop what I am doing and make these memories. To be honest, I really did not help much, Holden had a plan of his own. I just helped cut one box and then he did the rest. This is his final creation... Not to bad for a recycled robot. But then he wanted to make a lobster and a crab. Oh, what have I started! The fields for soccer were surprisingly opened and we had practice! No, your eyes are not playing tricks on you, it is not fall soccer it is spring and almost April but it is FREEZING here!!! However, the kids did not seem to mind and had a blast playing. As I said, our second day of Spring Break was a little random but as Holden was going to bed tonight he told me it was the best day ever! Funny how in a child's eyes they see events as wonderful and we see them as just ordinary. You have to love the simpleness in happiness of a child.

The Tooth Fairy came to visit...

After yesterday's hysteria, I was thankful to see the excitement on Holden's face when he saw that the Tooth Fairy came to visit him last night. The Tooth Fairy left a new toothbrush, tooth paste and a little loot! I can not believe my baby has lost his first tooth. Time goes by so fast! I wonder what will happen next!

Monday, March 28, 2011

Holden lost his FIRST tooth!

Last week, Holden showed me that his bottom tooth was wiggly. He was super excited of the possibility of the tooth fairy coming to visit. This morning while I was cleaning up breakfast and the boys were watching cartoons Holden yells, "Momma, my tooth just came out!" I ran over and was so excited. Holden handed me the tooth and then, burst into tears! He started screaming, crying and yelling, "Do something about it." "Put the tooth back in." "People are going to laugh at me" Momma, go get the gorilla glue and glue the tooth back in." This went on for an hour!! Not exactly the reaction I was expecting! I tried my best to calm him down by explaining that another tooth was growing in it's place, I read him a book about the tooth fairy, I told him I was excited, I tried to bribe him with a smoothie, yeah, nothing was working. Finally, I just let him lay in his room until he calmed down. After he decided he was okay and looking in the mirror several times, he got excited about his first missing tooth. His lost tooth could not have had better timing, our tooth fairy pillow arrived this morning. I had a plain tooth pillow but I wanted something a little more memorable. After he showed me his wiggly tooth last week, I quickly order these adorable pillows from Etsy. The Pirate Tooth is Holden's and the Cowboy Tooth is Rylan's. The tooth/money pockets are on the back. The pirate has a treasure chest and the cowboy has a horseshoe. Aren't they adorable! I just love them and they fit the boys personalities! Also, here is the sweet poem that came with each pillow: I've lost my tooth and that's okay, Inside this pocket it will stay When Tooth Fairy comes, she'll find it there And take it home into her care. Before bedtime tonight, we placed the tooth and the pillow beside Holden's bed in hopes that the tooth fairy will come to visit. We will just have to wait and see!!!

Spring Break!!!!!

Even though the temperatures outside are not exactly what I would call "spring-like", we are out for Spring Break! I have several fun activities and surprises planned this week. I am just hoping the weather will warm up a bit! Today started with some spring fun. We painted/ colored bird houses and planted mini sunflowers. Aren't they cute! We will keep our fingers crossed that they will grow. And just like last year, I made coupon books for both Holden and Rylan to "cash in" throughout the week. Keeping with the spring theme, I made flowerpots for dessert. As you can see, they provided messy smiles and giggles for these two. We are looking forward to a fun week filled with great memories.

Soccer, again!

Our soccer season began on March 1st and I was dreading practices from day one. We were scheduled to practice twice a week on Tuesday and Thursday from 6:30-7:30 along with a game on Saturday's. Yes, I was anything but thrilled with the schedule. Really, what is the need for two practices in one week, they are only 5! However, as much as I was kicking and screaming about practices, rain and freezing temperatures cancelled EVERY practice for the past month. Yes, we had yet to have a practice to date until Saturday our soccer league decided to rent out an indoor soccer facility, Wall2Wall, for our first practice. As usual, it was a hoot to watch! With one practice under our belt before the season opener next weekend I think we are in pretty good shape. Hmm, well I guess we will just have to see on Saturday, that is if the weather cooperates!

Thursday, March 24, 2011

A boy's imagination

Holden has always had a great imagination. For example, just the other day while I was unloading groceries from the car Holden and Rylan were playing and pulling everything out of the garage. When I was finished unloading, I looked over to see what these two were up to and here is what I saw... just in case you can not read the writing it says, "Hideout Holden". I think he meant "Holden's Hideout" but he is still learning. When I asked "What are yall doing?"

But of coarse digging for dinosaur bones. I mean really what was I thinking!

Then today, Holden kept asking for me to pull out the Easter decorations. I finally agreed to pull out a couple but promised we would decorate tomorrow after school since it was almost dinner time and closed the container. I heard the oven timer going off and walked upstairs to pull dinner out of the oven. I was gone maybe 3 minutes, 4 max when I walked back downstairs to see this mess! "AHHHH, What is this mess?!" Then Holden immediately burst into tears and ran off saying, "I was just trying to help decorate, I thought you would love it." I guess my reaction was not what he expected. I walked upstairs to see what was going on and why he was so upset, really, he was bawling. Finally he calmed down enough to tell me that he was just trying to surprise me with an Easter Egg Hunt and that he was trying to make it look like grass with flowers and just beautiful. Those were his words. Yes, I felt awful! What do you think this bad mommy did next....an Easter Egg Hunt. Finally smiles and mommy is forgiven! Whew!!!
What an imagination this boy has, which is usually followed by a huge mess!

Monday, March 21, 2011

I DID IT!!!!

A couple of months ago my friend Sarah asked me if I would want to do the Heart Mini Marathon in Cincinnati. Not thinking, I said, "Yes." Let me give you all a little background on Sarah, she competes in the IronMan Races and does Triathlons all the time along with working, and being a mother of 3. Hence she is an athlete, me on the other hand, I just run for fun. After I said yes, I started thinking, Hmm this may not be a great idea. I have not done ANY type of race since well before I had kids, which has been at least 7 years. So against my better judgement, I decided to start training for the Heart Mini Marathon in January. With all my training the past couple of months, it did not exactly prepare me for what I endured yesterday. Sarah came to get me at 6:15 so that we could get downtown and settled before the race began at 8:00. As soon as we got out of the car it started raining! Now it was not just cold, temperatures were in the 30's, it was raining too...great! But there was no turning back, the race was ready to begin. I heard there were over 18,000 people registered for all of the races, as you can imagine it was a sea of people. It was easy to turn my thoughts from being cold and wet to being really excited with that many people. I would say the first couple of miles I spent weaving in and out of people just to get going, then the hills began! Holy Cow, this route was ALL hills. Seriously, as soon as I finished one hill it was up another. Finally, I saw Kevin and the boys on the sideline and the FINISH LINE. I DID IT!!! My time was 1:19:33 and surprisingly I finished (BARELY) in the top 10% in my age group. However, I did not meet my personal goal but considering the weather conditions and the course, I was pleased with my end result.

And the best sight after the race of course were Kevin and the boys! They were so excited for me.
Sarah and I celebrating after the race!!! By the way she finished in 1:02 and 11th overall...yes she is amazing!
WHOO HOO! My goal was met to finish the Mini Marathon! On to next years plan for the Heart Mini Marathon....train for hills a lot more!!!

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Happy St. Patrick's Day!!!

Our Little Irish Leprechaun came to visit and left green surprises everywhere! The boys read the Leprechauns directions to follow the shamrocks to find the rainbow, and what do you think was beneath...the POT OF GOLD! Holden has been talking about St. Patrick's Day for the past couple of weeks and counting down the days until he could find the pot of gold. So this morning, he was thrilled when he was able to find ours!!

And look what else our little Leprechaun brought us....a little girl! No, Just kidding! We watched my friend Sarah's little girl Olivia while her son had surgery. She was a dream! The boys loved playing and loving on her the entire time. But who wouldn't enjoy her! She is adorable and SO good!

Our St. Patrick's Day celebration was filled with lots of fun treats too, Lucky Charms, rainbows, marshmallow pops, and our famous rainbow cupcakes. Yummy!!!As you can see they were enjoyed by all!

Another great celebration with my two Lucky Charms! Happy St. Patrick's Day!!!