Thursday, March 24, 2011

A boy's imagination

Holden has always had a great imagination. For example, just the other day while I was unloading groceries from the car Holden and Rylan were playing and pulling everything out of the garage. When I was finished unloading, I looked over to see what these two were up to and here is what I saw... just in case you can not read the writing it says, "Hideout Holden". I think he meant "Holden's Hideout" but he is still learning. When I asked "What are yall doing?"

But of coarse digging for dinosaur bones. I mean really what was I thinking!

Then today, Holden kept asking for me to pull out the Easter decorations. I finally agreed to pull out a couple but promised we would decorate tomorrow after school since it was almost dinner time and closed the container. I heard the oven timer going off and walked upstairs to pull dinner out of the oven. I was gone maybe 3 minutes, 4 max when I walked back downstairs to see this mess! "AHHHH, What is this mess?!" Then Holden immediately burst into tears and ran off saying, "I was just trying to help decorate, I thought you would love it." I guess my reaction was not what he expected. I walked upstairs to see what was going on and why he was so upset, really, he was bawling. Finally he calmed down enough to tell me that he was just trying to surprise me with an Easter Egg Hunt and that he was trying to make it look like grass with flowers and just beautiful. Those were his words. Yes, I felt awful! What do you think this bad mommy did Easter Egg Hunt. Finally smiles and mommy is forgiven! Whew!!!
What an imagination this boy has, which is usually followed by a huge mess!

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mike said...

oh my goodness!! ha! he was trying to be creative like his momma!!! haha!! ~lauren( from now on i will just sign my name to comments because i obviously dont know if mike is signed in!ha)