Monday, March 28, 2011

Holden lost his FIRST tooth!

Last week, Holden showed me that his bottom tooth was wiggly. He was super excited of the possibility of the tooth fairy coming to visit. This morning while I was cleaning up breakfast and the boys were watching cartoons Holden yells, "Momma, my tooth just came out!" I ran over and was so excited. Holden handed me the tooth and then, burst into tears! He started screaming, crying and yelling, "Do something about it." "Put the tooth back in." "People are going to laugh at me" Momma, go get the gorilla glue and glue the tooth back in." This went on for an hour!! Not exactly the reaction I was expecting! I tried my best to calm him down by explaining that another tooth was growing in it's place, I read him a book about the tooth fairy, I told him I was excited, I tried to bribe him with a smoothie, yeah, nothing was working. Finally, I just let him lay in his room until he calmed down. After he decided he was okay and looking in the mirror several times, he got excited about his first missing tooth. His lost tooth could not have had better timing, our tooth fairy pillow arrived this morning. I had a plain tooth pillow but I wanted something a little more memorable. After he showed me his wiggly tooth last week, I quickly order these adorable pillows from Etsy. The Pirate Tooth is Holden's and the Cowboy Tooth is Rylan's. The tooth/money pockets are on the back. The pirate has a treasure chest and the cowboy has a horseshoe. Aren't they adorable! I just love them and they fit the boys personalities! Also, here is the sweet poem that came with each pillow: I've lost my tooth and that's okay, Inside this pocket it will stay When Tooth Fairy comes, she'll find it there And take it home into her care. Before bedtime tonight, we placed the tooth and the pillow beside Holden's bed in hopes that the tooth fairy will come to visit. We will just have to wait and see!!!

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nicole said...

Congratulations, Holden! The pillows are so cute.