Monday, March 21, 2011

I DID IT!!!!

A couple of months ago my friend Sarah asked me if I would want to do the Heart Mini Marathon in Cincinnati. Not thinking, I said, "Yes." Let me give you all a little background on Sarah, she competes in the IronMan Races and does Triathlons all the time along with working, and being a mother of 3. Hence she is an athlete, me on the other hand, I just run for fun. After I said yes, I started thinking, Hmm this may not be a great idea. I have not done ANY type of race since well before I had kids, which has been at least 7 years. So against my better judgement, I decided to start training for the Heart Mini Marathon in January. With all my training the past couple of months, it did not exactly prepare me for what I endured yesterday. Sarah came to get me at 6:15 so that we could get downtown and settled before the race began at 8:00. As soon as we got out of the car it started raining! Now it was not just cold, temperatures were in the 30's, it was raining too...great! But there was no turning back, the race was ready to begin. I heard there were over 18,000 people registered for all of the races, as you can imagine it was a sea of people. It was easy to turn my thoughts from being cold and wet to being really excited with that many people. I would say the first couple of miles I spent weaving in and out of people just to get going, then the hills began! Holy Cow, this route was ALL hills. Seriously, as soon as I finished one hill it was up another. Finally, I saw Kevin and the boys on the sideline and the FINISH LINE. I DID IT!!! My time was 1:19:33 and surprisingly I finished (BARELY) in the top 10% in my age group. However, I did not meet my personal goal but considering the weather conditions and the course, I was pleased with my end result.

And the best sight after the race of course were Kevin and the boys! They were so excited for me.
Sarah and I celebrating after the race!!! By the way she finished in 1:02 and 11th overall...yes she is amazing!
WHOO HOO! My goal was met to finish the Mini Marathon! On to next years plan for the Heart Mini Marathon....train for hills a lot more!!!


mike said...

GOOD FOR YOU ELIZABETH! You should be proud of yourself!! :) ~lauren

Amy said...

Is a mini-marathon the same thing as a half marathon? Shows how much I know about running, right? Ha! Ha!
Congrats... that's awesome!

The Gibson Family said...

So proud of you!!! You did great ;)

nicole said...

Wow! Congratulations! I am working on my goal to maybe run the St. Jude marathon in December, but I have a lot of work to do. :-)

Christi said...

Way to go! I'm hoping all my runner friends will inspire me to get with it, but at this point I was tired after walking the block with the kids yesterday :/

Kate said...

Why to do Liz! So proud of you