Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Kitchen Assistant

I have tons of kitchen gadgets that make my time in the kitchen a little more efficient. Mixers, food processors, mincers, graders, scooper's, you name it, I think you can find it in our kitchen. Then there is my kitchen assistant that does not always make my time in the kitchen any easier or faster for that matter, but is always willing to help out. This kitchen assistant loves to be right in the middle of whatever I am doing. I could be mixing, then the assistant wants to mix or doing the dishes, the assistant want to wash too. This assistant loves to taste anything he can get his little hands on. And talk about a mess, this assistant is always willing to make a mess at any given time of the day. Even though this kitchen assistant may not meet my standards of efficiency in the kitchen, he sure is cute. I think this assistant is a keeper, even with all his faults! Did I mention he loves to make a mess?!


mike said...

I could just eat him up!! what a perfectly cute assistant!:)

Lauren Allen said...

that was me! ha!

nicole said...

He is too cute!