Sunday, March 6, 2011

A little bit of nothing...

It was the first Saturday we did not have to be at a basketball game at 7:45, you would think I would have had some big adventure planned for us. But that was just not the case! It was raining and cold, my plan was to sleep in however, Holden and Rylan were not on that same plan. They both woke up at 6:00!! Since the boys were up so early, I decide to go ahead and conquer the much needed task of organizing and cleaning out the toys in the playroom. Then I moved onto my organizing my baking goods. I just love these new labels, they are mini chalk boards that you can erase and change. I just love them.

Since it was still raining, and I did not have anything better to do, I decided to restock the freezer. I like to prepare several meals and freeze them so that when we are in a rush during the week all we have to do is put a meal in the oven and dinner is ready. This time I made cinnamon rolls, yeast rolls, and Mexican lasagna.
I really do not know what got into me, but I know I will be thankful in the upcoming weeks. What I really should have taken a picture of was the disarray my kitchen was in after my cooking session...yikes!
While I was busy cooking, this is what the boys were up to....
As I said, it was a much needed weekend of nothing!

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