Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Random Tuesday....

Day 2 of Spring Break was somewhat of a random day. We set off on an adventure. or at least that is what Holden likes to call it, to the Boonshoft Museum in Dayton. We actually went last Spring Break and have not been back since and do not really know why. The boys LOVE this place! (This picture cracks me up! Holden is trying his best to get the rocks and fill the dump truck while Rylan is throwing them out one by one without him noticing!) We arrived when they opened the museum at 9:00 and did not leave until 1:30! What I also like most about this particular museum is that you can actually pack your own lunch and eat inside the museum. Which to my kids it just means you get to stay longer and play! After a morning of fun Rylan was wiped out! He was asleep before I even made it out of the parking lot. I guess he had a great time! We we finally arrived home it was 2:00! Geez!!! It was time to start preparing dinner since we had soccer practice at 6:30. Holden had another plan, he wanted to make a recycled robot. Where this came from, I do not know! He started talking about it last night at dinner and I promised we would make it today. Well, he did not forget that promise. I was about to tell him we just did not have time but then I remember hearing Trace Atkins' song on the way home, "You're gonna miss this" and I reminded myself to stop what I am doing and make these memories. To be honest, I really did not help much, Holden had a plan of his own. I just helped cut one box and then he did the rest. This is his final creation... Not to bad for a recycled robot. But then he wanted to make a lobster and a crab. Oh, what have I started! The fields for soccer were surprisingly opened and we had practice! No, your eyes are not playing tricks on you, it is not fall soccer it is spring and almost April but it is FREEZING here!!! However, the kids did not seem to mind and had a blast playing. As I said, our second day of Spring Break was a little random but as Holden was going to bed tonight he told me it was the best day ever! Funny how in a child's eyes they see events as wonderful and we see them as just ordinary. You have to love the simpleness in happiness of a child.

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