Sunday, March 13, 2011

Upward Awards

Saturday was an unexpected day of sunshine. It was so nice! I have said many times before that the sun does not shine here from about November until about March. Trust me, I am not exaggerating when I say the sun never shines between these months. So when the sun appeared on Saturday, we decided to spend the day outside playing. Even though it was only in the high 50's it was perfect. After a day of playing in the much needed sunshine, we attended Holden's Upward Awards ceremony. The Cincinnati Upward League is one of the largest in the country, I did not realize this until that night, so they split the ceremonies into two sessions. Ours just happened to be the last one from 6:30-8:00. Not exactly the best time, but we were not about to miss the awards.
Our guest speaker was Tanya Crevier, who is a former WNBA player. She performed lots of tricks with basketballs that everyone loved. For several of her tricks she asked some of the players to help her on stage. All of the teams sat together and the parents were asked to sit in the back of the church. As I was returning from the restroom with Rylan, I looked up on stage and there was Holden!!! Out of 3,200 people he gets up on stage to assist with a trick...what are the chances. Yes, he was on cloud 9! After Tanya performed several tricks, she gave an inspirational speech to kids about never giving up and always looking "upward" to God for guidance. She truly encourage everyone with her inspiring message. It was an outstanding night which just furthered my love for the Upward organization!

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The Gibson Family said...

Adorable! I think I say that to each of your posts! Holden looks so old in these pictures! Such a big boy!! Glad he had such a great season!!