Friday, April 29, 2011

The calm after the storm

After weeks of storms, we had a much needed break and were able to get outside to play. We were enjoying ourselves the sky grew darker which meant another round of storms were approaching. Luckily, we made it inside before the storm hit. As we were just about to sit down to dinner, I noticed a rainbow outside the window. The next thing I know, Holden and Rylan jump on their "vehicles" in search of the pot of gold! These crazy boys! Finally, I gathered these two back into the house before the next set of showers began. The boys were so excited about seeing the rainbow that they kept watching out the window after dinner to see if they could see it again. Then all of a sudden they started yelling, "There is a rainbow!" So back outside we went to take a closer look. By now it is getting pretty late, so we run back inside to get ready for bed and it was starting to rain again anyways, go figure! After our nightly ritual of baths, pj's, books and so on, the boys insisted on looking out the window once again. You will not believe it but there was another rainbow!!! This time we could see the entire rainbow from Holden's room! What are the chances of seeing 3 separate rainbows in the same day?! It has to mean something right? Whatever the meaning, it was so much fun searching and watching nature's beauty this evening!

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