Monday, April 4, 2011

In the heart of Horse Country-Part II

Our second day in Lexington started early at Keeneland. Mrs. Lyra, from Rosecrest Farms, suggested that we go by to watch the workouts and time trials at Keeneland. She was going to be there with her horses and we were hoping to see them however, she was not sure of their time slot that day. Either way, we took her advice and went to Keeneland. WOW!!! What a beautiful race track! Holden and Rylan were so cute watching the race horses and jockeys. After they saw the first race horse run by, they both jumped on the fence and did not move! Since we were basically the only people around the racetrack, besides the trainers and owners, the jockeys would come over and talk to the boys after each run. Again, horse heaven! Everyone was so nice and friendly. After the workouts were over, we asked a security guard if we could walk around the barns. Surprisingly, they said yes. There were so many barns!! Each filled with beautiful Thoroughbred horses. Several trainers stopped and talked to us about their horses and gave us several names to watch in the upcoming races. One particular trainer, Roberto from J. Carroll Racing, asked if the boys wanted him to bring out his horse Arlo. Well, you know the answer, YES PLEASE!!! Then Roberto asked the boys if they wanted to sit on the stallion!!! Again you know the answer to that...YES, please! Seriously, how often would we ever get the chance to get this close to an actual race horse! They even let Kevin and I both hold the reins. What an experience! Roberto gave us his information and told us to come by and see him the next time we are in town. If you can not tell, I am in love with Lexington! I have decided that when Kevin retires, we are going to own a horse farm...well, a girl can dream can she:) After such an exciting morning we started driving to Louisville, Kentucky. Originally, we planned to stop in Frankfort, the capital, to explore and also to visit the Buffalo Trace Distillery but Rylan was sleeping and Holden was dosing in and out that we decided to keep driving. We will just have to save those stops for our next visit. Once we arrived in Louisville we headed to the Louisville Slugger Museum. The museum is filled with baseball memorabilia, batting cages, and also houses the Louisville Slugger Factory. I was a little disappointed to find out that most of museum and factory prohibits photography! Well, I guess I will just have to save my memories in my head! We took a tour of the factory which on our tour they were producing bats for the Cincinnati Reds. After watching the production of baseball bats the boys each received they very own mini slugger! This museum was any baseball lovers delight. Since we were in Louisville, I just had to see Churchill Down first hand. After seeing Keeneland, I just knew Churchill Downs was going to be just as spectacular if not more. Was I ever so disappointed! It did not look anything like what I pictured! It is located right across the street from the University of Louisville's Baseball field and a chain link fence surrounded it! Not the sprawling land and wooden fence I was picture however, I still want to go to a Kentucky Derby at some point in my lifetime. History, horses, beautiful farms, new friends, baseball, and memories with the boys. I could not think of a better way to end our cold spring break!

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