Sunday, April 3, 2011

In the heart of Horse Country

We finished out our spring break with a road trip to Lexington Kentucky or better known as Horse Country. We started our tour at Claiborne Farms, where we arranged a private tour of this 3,100 acre Thoroughbred farm. This farm is known for producing more than 75 Champions such as Secretariat, Seabiscuit, Round Table, Pulpit, and many many more. On the tour we saw the stables, we were able get up close to such great stallions as Eddington and Pulpit, and saw where the legendary Secretariat was laid to rest. Not only was the tour a beautiful, it was also a fascinating look into the racing world I never knew about. Along with our family, there were two other couples/families touring with us. As we were walking around, Kevin began talking to a woman, Lyra, about the different stud fees and such. She then revealed that two of her horses were studded from Claiborne Farms, which was pretty neat. As the tour ended, she came over and invited us to come see her new horse that was born Monday at her farm. How could we turn down this opportunity, of course we accepted her invitation! As we followed her down the road and turned into her gates, we were in awe! The farm, Rosecrest Farms, was beautiful! We walked over to see the new baby horse, Wilson, and its mom, Tigress Woods. Isn't Wilson precious! We then walked to see the fillies. Such beautiful horses! I love the look on the boys faces as they are pet the horses. Then, she graciously walked us around her 150 acres, which had 3 stables and a Bed and Breakfast might I add. We were all in heaven! What a great detour in our trip. Next stop, the Kentucky Horse Park. This was really the main reason we were coming to Lexington, to take the boys to the Horse Park. Well, after our morning of great horses and farms the Kentucky Horse Park was a little disappointing. Most of the shows for that day had been cancelled because of various reasons. But that did not stop Holden and Rylan from have their very own show on the horse barrels. Thankfully, the pony rides were still running, hallelujah! Rylan had been talking about riding a horse ALL day! Just look at their faces....they LOVE horses! Especially this little guy! We were just about to call it a day and then decided we had time for one last adventure. Besides horses, Kentucky is also known for its Bourbon Whiskey. Even if you are not a Bourbon fan, the history of the distilleries is reason enough to visit. Not to mention the scenic drive to this particular distillery was a good enough reason for me. Our stop was to The Woodford Reserve Distillery. Again, beautiful land, beautiful distillery, and wonderful bourbon balls! We did not take a full distillery tour because it was so late in the day but we did get the history rundown and what sets them apart from other distilleries is that they use copper in their barrels. Woodford Reserve is also better know as the Kentucky Derby Whisky. After our visit, we are stocked and ready for our Mint Juleps on race day. Our first day in Lexington was not exactly as planned but it turned out better than I could have ever imagined!

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The Gibson Family said...

Beautiful! Even if it was cold- looks like a great time! Love that family picture of you guys and love the boys faces on the horses! Glad you had such a great trip!!