Monday, April 11, 2011

Just playin' in the rain...

So much for the sunshine lasting! This morning we were greeted with rain showers and it has not let up. After we came back from the gym the boys were itching to play outside. Since it was just April showers and we did not have anywhere to be, I decided why not. We all put on our rain boots and jackets and set out to play in the rain. Usually I am telling the boys to stay away from the puddles. So for them to actually have permission to get wet, as you can imagine, they were running out the door! Splashing in the puddles was fun but not fun enough, it was time for puddle jumping! Oh my! Just look at theses two having fun! Even I had to join in the fun and jump in a couple! Since there was plenty of water, they pretended they were driving a boat. And this little guy just likes to get wet and dirty so he was loving every minute. Yes, he is all boy!As if Holden and Rylan were not wet enough, they somehow talked me into making water balloons. Funny how they can talk me into so much. Today's April showers surprisingly brought lots of smiles! I think they are both actually hoping it will rain again tomorrow for round 2 of playin' in the rain!

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