Wednesday, April 6, 2011

A Muddy Mess!!!

After our adventures in Kentucky, we travelled back Saturday for Holden's first soccer game. I personally was hoping they would cancel the game so we could stay longer in Louisville but as luck would have it, the fields were open and ready for play. Our game was at 1:00 and I was hoping by then the fields would have dried out from the recent rains and the temperature would warm up. However, neither of those wishful thoughts occurred! It was cold and muddy! As I have said before, Holden despises being dirty! I just knew this game was a recipe for disaster. Our team is divided into two groups, one being aggressive and the other group a little more timid. I am sure you can guess which side our little man is on, the aggressive side! As soon as the game began, kids were falling everywhere in the mud. Again, Holden surprises me, as soon as he fell in the mud he jumped right back up and ran for the ball. Finally, his persistence paid off and he SCORED!!! And he did not just make one goal, he made FOUR!!! A long way from our first soccer experience when he just followed his shadow the entire time! After the game he was a muddy mess! And this sideline cheerleader was too! Pretty good start to the spring soccer season! I am just hoping the weather will warm up so it feels more like spring, one can only hope!

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