Monday, April 18, 2011

Off to the races!!

Ok, I must fess up, the real reason we wanted to get back down to Lexington was to go to the races at Keeneland. The boys have been begging after we saw the workouts at Spring Break to see a real race. At Keeneland they only have races twice a year for 3 weeks in April and 3 weeks in October. I know October is always busy with fall festivals and such so we decided what better time than now. We bought General Admission tickets because the boys wanted to be as close as possible to the track so we got there early and found our seats. As we walked in the gates, the boys received activities books and crayons, which helped pass the time before the races. We watched the horses warm up in the Paddock. Sunday was also Keeneland's salute to our military. Over 1000 soldiers marched in the stadium for the crowd to thank them for their duties. This is what makes you proud to be an American! To see these young brave soldiers risking their lives for our freedom. What a sight! Shortly, after getting our bets in, the horns blew for the races to begin! As you can see we had front row seats!!! The boys had a ball! They were yelling," go 3, go 4, go 1, go Hurricane" It was so cute! They loved every minute of it. Wouldn't you know it, Holden and Rylan both won several of their bets and Kevin and I won NOTHING! After our visit this weekend, we have decided this is our new family spring tradition to go to the races at Keeneland. The boys loved the horses and I felt like I was back in at Ole Miss. The ladies were done up to the nines, guys in khakis and button downs, people tailgating like you are at an SEC football game. Oh, the South! How I love it and miss it!!! All I needed was a sweet tea and a magnolia tree!Our weekend getaway was perfect in every way! Now it is on to a busy week of Easter activities but I would not have it any other way!

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