Friday, April 8, 2011

Spring Babies

While we were playing outside yesterday we noticed a duck in our bushes. She looked like she was nesting with feathers and leaves all around her. As we were heading in for the night, she flew away. Then this morning, while we were eating breakfast, she flew back to her same spot in the bushes. Hmm, maybe she is nesting. When we returned home after preschool the boys were eager to see if the duck was still here. Well, she was not but look at what was in her spot instead.... EGGS!!! From what I could see, I counted 10!!! We did not want to get too close since Momma duck returned shortly after we spotted the eggs and has been there ever since. I am sure this Momma duck is regretting picking our house as her nesting location since the boys keep hovering around, bring friends over to see her, knocking on the window and waving each moment they get the chance, and yelling "Hey, Hey" every two seconds. Whew, what a pair! I am sure this is going to be a long nesting period with these two inquiring minds but we are all thrilled to watch these spring babies hatch in the next couple of weeks.


Laura Dawson said...

I haven't looked at your blog in a while and made my way over today and loved the horse trips! Rob and I love the Derby and we follow the chase to the Triple Crown every year! I also dream of going to the derby one day, but for now your pictures have inspired me to at least go see some of the farms. Thanks for sharing. Laura

Amy said...

I keep hoping to see some cute fluffy duckling pictures... did they ever hatch? I loooove baby ducks!