Friday, May 13, 2011

Big Bugs!!!

Holden's class took a field trip today to see the Big Bugs at Highfield Discover Gardens. This is one of our favorite parks and each time we go there is something new to see and today they were big...Big bugs that is. After playing in the treehouse and enjoying a sack lunch our group took a nature walk to see the big bugs and wow, they were big! There were different types of bugs but I think the kids all love the spider and spiderweb the best. I personally loved the butterfly and all the pretty flowers along the path. Look at these kiddos having so much fun! After our nature walk and seeing the "big bugs" we listened to a demonstration from one of the naturalist about pollination. Then, the kids were given kits to perform their own flower dissection. My little naturalist was so proud of his dissection! Even though we have been to the Discovery Gardens at least a dozen times, each time we go it just seems to get better and better especially when you get to enjoy it with your school friends! I think I enjoyed Holden's field trip just as much as he did! I am sad that this preschool year coming to an end, it has been filled with fun, fiends, love and laughter. We will enjoy and savor these last couple of weeks before summer and before I have a kindergartner! Yikes!! Hard to imagine, I know!

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