Sunday, May 1, 2011

Building the Walls

Our church host an outreach called Build the Walls. It is where you frame the walls for a Habitat for Humanity home in the church parking lot. Then once finished, they are then loaded to a truck to be delivered to the home site where it will be further constructed. Kevin volunteered last year and decided that he wanted us as a family to help out this year. We lucked out and were placed with a great team! Might I add patient! After the adults somewhat got the nails in, they would let the boys finish it off. Yes, it did take a little longer to complete our task but the kids felt like they were really helping. We were asked to write scriptures or something special on the wall before returing them to the truck. Here is what Holden wrote... and a sweet little girl in our group wrote this... Kids always surprise me with what they come up with! Not only did Holden and Rylan swing a hammer, they helped carry wood. And when we were finishing up for the day, they jumped on top for a ride. I know the boys are probably a little young to really understand what they were helping out with but I hope that we can continue to volunteer and instill the value of giving back. Or at least that is my hope! Our family, along with 600 other volunteers, help construct the framework for 5 homes. Not bad for a Saturday morning!

A funny story from the morning, because you know we always have one. I was holding two pieces of wood together to be nailed and Rylan came over to tell me he had to go potty. I told him, "Wait just a minute and I will take you." Not even two seconds later Mrs. Carol, says to me, "Do not look at our son." Well, I had to look then! What did I see? Rylan peeing in the water drain in the parking lot!!!! AHHHH! You have got to be kidding me!! I guess it is partly my fault since he did say he had to go potty! It's days like this that make me wonder how I gave birth to such boys! It is a good thing we were placed with such a great team with a good sense of humor!


Amy said...

Awesome project!!! God is Good and so are his people!!! :)

Amy said...

How fantastic that your boys got to be included on the project. Great lessons for life.