Sunday, May 1, 2011


We have been watching and waiting for the ducklings to hatch. Friday morning Rylan did his ritual looking out the window at the duck, which we have named her "Sweetie," and she was still there sitting on her eggs. When we came home from preschool the duck was not there but I did not think much of it. Until I looked closer at the nest and there were no eggs! Oh my, did they hatch? How did we miss this?

While outside playing Holden found some of the eggs in the bushes. Oh no, I think something got the eggs. How was I going to explain this. As you can imagine, the boys were devastated. But thankfully, they think the eggs hatched and the ducks flew away. Either way, they were upset since they thought the duckling were going to be our pets. Now, started the talks about getting a pet! I like animals but do not want one in my house. But Holden keeps asking for some type of pet and then all of a sudden said, "What about a fish?" Perfect we will get a fish. Off to the store we went for each of the boys to pick out one. Holden's fish is the orange and black one, he named his "Ninja" and Rylan's fish is the orange and white one, he named his "Ice cream." Oh these little hands in the fish bowl...I am giving these 20 cent fishies about a week with these two.

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Amy said...

Oh no! That is so sad... I was really looking forward to little yellow fluffy duckling pictures.
And hopefully the fish last longer than a week, for your boys sake.