Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Down in Mississippi

Every time I am in Mississippi, Sugarland's chorus pops into my head..."Down in Mississippi and up to no good!" That was not exactly the case on this visit but I still love the song!

The reason we headed down south to Mississippi, was for my niece's, Allie, graduation. After the LONG and the horrible weather we experienced on the drive down to Mississippi, the boys were excited to see their cousins and were ready to play! Ashford took us all on a ride on the go-cart. My little dare devils loved each ride!

Friday, all of our family had arrived and were ready to celebrate Allie graduating. Kimberly and I decorated the night before with flowers, pearls, and placed Allie's pictures throughout the house. Here is a little glimpse... Oh, how time flies!!

Since everyone was in town, we enjoyed a family style cookout with tons and tons of food!! And yes, only in the South will you find hot dog buns on a silver platter and a plethora of sweet tea!Do I hear the words, "Welcome Home!"

We all enjoyed food, friends, family,(My Granddaddy)(The Grandmothers-Nene and Meme.)(Aunt Betsy and Rylan...they were best of friends all weekend!)

and laughs! Not to mention the scenery...my sisters pool and her flowers were beautiful! All this activity and attention, the boys will never want to come home!

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