Thursday, May 19, 2011

Kindergarten Orientation

Last night was parent orientation for kindergarten. It is hard to imagine that Holden is going into kindergarten this fall but he is. I think I am having a harder time with this idea than he is but that is to be expected. I am an emotional basket case when it comes to things with the kids!

Basically the orientation just went over concepts to work on over the summer, reading, writing and so on. One of the suggestions was for the boys to play with Lego's to improve their fine motor skills. Easy, this little guy loves Lego's!!! He is constantly playing and building. I am glad to know these little pieces are good for something!Also, the orientation went over what is expected from your child when school begins in the fall. Again, nothing alarming but I was overwhelmed with emotions. Not that he is not ready, he is, I think it is me that is not ready! I am not exactly sure why, you see kindergarten here is only half-day (8:30-11:15) so it is not like he is going to be gone all day or anything. I think it was just the idea of my first child growing up that made me a little sad to see how fast time goes by. I kept thinking, "Didn't I just leave the hospital with this little guy?"

As Holden's teacher, who's children are all grown, was finishing up the evenings orientation she said for us all to remember, "Often the days are long but the years pass by so quickly. Enjoy and cherish each day." It is true, I think when we are in the midst of going every direction and the kids are screaming and crying you often forget that they are only little once and that one day we are going to miss this time. Trust me, I am already having these feelings, I can only imagine how I will be in the fall...a mess I know! It is a good thing we have all summer to play and make memories before I truly have a kindergartner in the house.

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The Gibson Family said...

Awwww- I totally feel your pain!! With Cross going to Jr. High, it makes me SO sad to think that I JUST brought him home from the hospital! Everyone says it's always hardest with your first, but I don't find it getting any easier!! Hang in there. Cherish every moment! It does all happen in a blink! I will say a prayer for you!!