Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Last Days of Preschool & Graduation

Last Friday was suppose to be Holden's Preschool graduation and class picnic. However, since we were heading out of town on Wednesday, Miss Patty, his teacher, told me to come early and the class would sing the songs that they would perform in the program on Friday. She said she would also present Holden with his diploma and memory book. Since Holden's birthday is technically considered a summer birthday he celebrated that on Wednesday too. What an overwhelming day! (Mainly for me!) And since it was the end of the year it was time to show our appreciation. For his teachers gifts we filled the bags with seeds, gardening gloves, a flower note pad, and a Lily that the boys picked out for their teachers. Then I made little flower potting sticks that read, "Thank you for helping Holden bloom!" and I did the same for Rylan's teachers too. Then to celebrate summer for each of the boys classmates and friends I made summer goodies bags with bubbles and gummies. I found these free cute printables online that I glue around the bubbles and used to tied the goody bags together. Since we were missing the picnic and to celebrate Holden's summer birthday and graduation, I made graduation cupcakes. I was able to find these free Star Wars graduation printables that were perfect to place on the boxes for the kids to take home. It fit Holden's personality perfectly! He loved the added touch! Now on to my little 2011 Pre-K Graduate....

First the class wished him a Happy Birthday and blew him 6 kisses while Miss Patty hugged him 6 times. Can you tell this little man loved the attention? After singing songs about Kindergarten, Miss Patty presented Holden with his diploma and memory book. So sweet! The pictures and writings will be treasured for years to come! I can not say enough great things about this year. Holding Holden back a year did a wonder! He has grown not only in size but in his writing, reading, and his overall self-confidence. I personally can not take all the credit, he had two of the most wonderful teachers he could have asked for and I know he will miss them dearly next year. But thankfully, Rylan will attend the same preschool next fall and Holden can drop by and say hello at anytime! My little graduate! As always, my wish for you is to always chase your dreams, never let go of them and know that you are always loved no matter what! We love you Holden, our soon to be Kindergartner!

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