Monday, May 9, 2011

Living the good life!

As a joke when I am having a rough day, Kevin always says to me, "Oh honey, you are living the good life." Referring to me being a stay at home mom. Yes, I am not complaining, I do have it good but if you are a stay at home mom or really a mom of any sort you know that no two days are ever the same and you are never sitting around eating Bon-Bon's like so many people love to think. It is a lot of work, but I would not trade it for the world. I love every minute of it, the good and the bad days.

However, back when I was working, I would see several moms that looked as if they had just finished their tennis matches and were heading to lunch with the ladies. I must admit, I secretly wished that would be me one day.

Well, it was me today! Let me back up, a week ago my friend asked me if I would be interested in taking tennis lessons with her and another friend. It is such a busy time right now with the boys activities and end of the school year I hesitated. Did I really want to add one more thing to my schedule. But since they were both beginners too and it was only twice a week for 3 weeks I decide why not. I have to learn sometime. After buying "tennis" shoes, which are the ugliest shoes known to mankind and a cute tennis outfit, I was all set. You have to look the part right? But after today's lesson I know that I will not be competing in Wimbledon any time soon but it really was alot of fun and I did learn the proper techniques. Not to mention, I felt like "one" of those ladies today. Coffee, Tennis, and my two little munchkins. HA!

After my tennis lesson, I did not lunch with the ladies, instead, the boys and I had our first picnic of the season.
(After seeing this picture, two haircuts are on this weeks growing agenda!)
There is just something about boys and being outside, the two go hand and hand.

After lunch, we played, we raced, we searched for worms, we found baby ducklings in the creek, we played with bubbles, and we enjoyed the grass in between our toes. Does it get any better than this?

As Kevin would say..."We really are living the good life."

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Amy said...

Such cute pictures of your boys... I love the little toes in the grass and the duckies too. :)