Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Allie Graduates!!!!

It seems just like yesterday I was receiving a phone call that my niece Allie had been born. I was a freshman in high school at the time and man has time flown by! Now my own little munchkin is entering kindergarten while my niece is entering college. Both are setting out on new journeys and both are venturing into a little unknown but I know the future holds wonderful things ahead for both of them. It is just hard to believe this time has come!

Saturday was the commencement ceremony and it was held at the Mississippi Coliseum. After several speeches, Allie along with 400+ classmates crossed the stage to receive their diplomas. We are so proud of Allie, she graduated with Distinction, which is what the blue tassel represents, and also received several scholarship offers to various colleges. Congratulations to the Class of 2011!!! After the ceremony, we all posed for several pictures with our new 2011 graduate! As we all know, every graduate needs a party to celebrate this huge accomplishment and immediately following our millions of pictures we gathered once again to celebrate. There was tons of food, lots of pictures...and a couple of outtakes of the "sorority girl pose", yes, I am still learning! That night Allie met her classmates at 6:00 and boarded a bus for "A Night to Remember." They were taken to secret places throughout the night, which sounded so exciting and fun. The stories and memories from the day and night truly made Allie's graduation a memorable one shared by us all!

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