Sunday, June 19, 2011

Father's Day Weekend

Leading up to Father's Day weekend we had several fun activities planned, Dad's choices of course, and the boys were all excited. Saturday morning when we woke up it was raining! Which put a slight damper on the days activities but after checking the weather channel we were hopeful it would let up. And loaded up the car anyways. Our plan was to go on a nature walk, have a picnic, and then let the boys play at the water park. As we arrived at the park it started pouring! Just our luck! As we drove around for a bit, it finally let up. We decided to go ahead with our walk. I mean really, a little rain never hurt anyone especially these two little boys. The first waterfall we came to there were ducks and this herein (I am guessing that it what it was). Holden and Rylan were going crazy! There is nothing like seeing natures beauty up close and personal. They also loved standing on the rocks and not getting know boys, stepping from rock to rock is just fun in itself. As I said, the boys did not mind the rain, they just loved exploring and spending time with their Daddy.Once we got back home, it was back to playing outside. Holden wanted to show off his new bike skills. He was even brave enough to race! I still can not get over how well he is riding! Even this little munchkin was racing too!Sunday morning was full of Father's Day surprises. Holden and I printed off these cute printable ties that we made into cupcake toppers because every Daddy needs a little something sweet. After church the boys enjoyed cupcakes and pops with their Dad. I think Holden and Rylan were thinking more of themselves than Dad when they had this idea but we went with it anyways. Cheers! Since all Daddy's and their sons need a little "guy" time together, they decided to go fishing. At the first pond we went to, all we caught was one fish and alot of algae. A big disappointment! We decided to try another pond before dinner. Well, we caught fish, after fish, after fish. A perfect ending to a wet Father's Day. Our plans were a little soggy, but I still believe Kevin had a great Father's Day. I know the boys enjoyed spending the weekend celebrating their Dad and doing what boys like to do. Happy Father's Day!!

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