Sunday, June 12, 2011

Gone Fishin'

I have said this before, and I will say it again, I do not know how I gave birth to such "boys." What I mean is that they are both all boy, they love the great outdoors, worms, bugs, critters, mud, and fishing. Or as they love to call it "fishin'." Before our summer break began the boys named several activities they wanted to do this summer and at the top of the list, fishing!Saturday morning, we went to a local park where they stock the pond with fish. We knew our chances of actually catching a fish were pretty good. And I would say so, we caught fish, after fish, after fish. Holden was the first out of the four of us to catch a fish. Then, he helped Rylan catch his first fish! Oh my gracious, he was beyond excited! He was screaming, yelling, and telling everyone he caught a fish. We had to remind the kids this is suppose to be a peaceful and quite activity...yeah no such luck with these two! With every fish they caught they screamed it at the top of their lungs, "Look Momma, I caught a fish. Take a picture!" Thankfully, the boys did not seem to care about the size of the fish because look at these tiny Blue Gills. Cute! At one point both boys caught fish at the same time! Just look at our little fishermen!This particular pond is a catch and release pond and the boys took turns throwing the fish back in. That was part of the excitement of the day. Who got to throw the fish back in.After 3 hours of fishing, yes, I can not believe they lasted that long either, we called it a day. The boys could not stop talking about how many fish they each caught. I am sure we will be hearing these fish tales for weeks to come. Holden and Rylan are already asking when can we go again, which I am sure we will soon. Our day of fishing was a success! One more activity we can cross off our "Summer of Fun List!" Let's see, how many more to go?!

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