Friday, June 3, 2011

Hello Summer Break!!!!

The sun is finally shining, the temperatures are finally warm and we are out for summer break!! For the past 2 years I have surprised the boys with a "Welcome to Summer" field day. Yesterday we continued this tradition. As the boys woke up, they were surprised with buckets I had filled with summer essentials, water guns, bubbles, sand toys and pool toys. I made a special breakfast too...watermelon waffles. Are these not the cutest! All you do is add food coloring to your waffle batter and then add some mini chocolate chips for the seeds. Easy and cute! The boys loved them too! But as they do with real watermelon slices, they did not eat the rhine. Crazy boys!

Holden and Rylan peaked out the window to see... the decorated play set. They both rush upstairs and changed into their swim suits. Once outside we started our field day. We played the fish bean bag toss, horseshoes, ring toss, Pin the tail on the Shark, sack races, water guns, bubbles, and water balloons!! Do you think we have enough?! They tossed them at the balloon toss, each other, and at me!

We collectively planned our activities for the summer and there are sure to be some great memories made this summer. Some of the boys ideas include, camping out, fishing, a horsey ride, a rodeo, and nature hikes, just to name a few. Can you see that my boys are all boys. Geez, camping and fishing...I guess I really have turned into a nature girl. We finished off our day with beach ball ice cream sandwiches. Now, we can officially start our Summer Break!

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The Gibson Family said...

Love the waffles!! Such a great idea ;)