Sunday, June 19, 2011

Herb garden

Several weeks ago I was in search for mint. I could not find it anywhere! What is there a mint shortage? Finally after I did locate a small container of mint, I just about died when I saw the price! $3.99 for a tiny package and I needed at least 3! Yikes. I decided to just buy one but then I was thinking I can grow my own for cheaper!

A couple of days later, the boys and I were having a picnic outside when I kept smelling mint. Where was it coming from. Then I noticed something growing through our fence....
MINT!!! How crazy is that! Well, it is not actually my mint but rather the neighbors beside us is growing a slew! Actually I do not even think they know it is there, but I guess they did plant it. Since it was growing on our side of the fence, I decided to just clip a little bit and only the part that was growing on my side of the fence. I promise I only cut the pieces growing on our side. But wouldn't you know, every recipe I seemed to look at called for mint. So I clipped a little more. Again, only the mint growing in our yard, I promise. I was staring to feel a little guilty and even had not one but two dreams that I got arrested for cutting mint. I guess my conscious was getting the best of me. When I told Kevin the story he said, "My gosh, just go buy you some to plant."

With his advice, the boys and I headed to the garden center to start our own herb garden. We planted not only mint but basil and rosemary. So far, our herb garden is doing well and I have even used the rosemary in a couple of dishes. Nothing like growing and using your own herbs. One day I am hoping to expand out of little pots to a large box garden. But for now this will just have to do! Plus, I can sleep at night knowing I will not get arrested for cutting anymore of the neighbors mint!

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Kendra said...

That's funny...I'm glad your garden is off to a great start & your boys won't see you hauled away in cuffs any time soon! You're inspiring me...I've always wanted to grow my own too. No interest in a huge garden but I think I could handle a container garden.